Star Rewards Program – Emporium

To thank all of our lovely loyal customers, we have created a program for you to earn rewards when you shop with us.


Ways To Earn

Sign Up
200 Stars

Place an Order
£1 Spend/1 Star

On Your Birthday
200 Stars

Refer a Friend 
200 Stars Each
(new customers only, stars awarded after their first purchase)


Use Your Stars To Redeem Vouchers

200 Stars  =  £10 Voucher
500 Stars  =  £25 Voucher

(£40 minimum spend)

1000 Stars  =  £50 Voucher

(£50 minimum spend)


To sign up, all you have to do is go to the rewards widget (tap the grey and white star icon in bottom right corner) and tap 'Create account'. After you have made your account, the next time you bring up the rewards widget you will be able to see how many stars you currently have. This is also where you can redeem your stars for discount codes. If shopping in-store, we will be able to redeem stars for you at the till.

You can also sign up by giving your name and email address (phone number optional) at the till in-store. However, you will still need to create a password using the same email address on our website, in order to keep track of your stars.

Remember to enter your birth date after you have signed up so that we can send you stars when your birthday comes around! To do this, go to the rewards widget (tap the grey and white star icon in bottom right corner), tap 'Earn Stars', scroll down, then 'Save Date' on the 'On Your Birthday' line.

If you already have an account with us, you can use the same details to log in to the rewards widget as above. You will still receive the 200 sign-up stars the next time you place an order.

Please note: If you require a refund for items purchased using star reward vouchers, the refund value will be put on to a new voucher.